Starting of the “Food Bank” Project

In these hard times, some of the people don’t make it to the end of the month. Giving some little food to the ones in need can remedy the situation. We are not saying that with a bag of rice you can save their lives, but, yes, it does improve it. Hand in hand, we can make the world a better place to live in.


Margaret, Daniel, Sun, Fatima and all other collaborators

The food bank has been made ​​possible with the support from the following supermarkets and people:

  • Supermercado PRIMI E HIJO
  • Supermercado DÍA
  • Supermercado BONI
  • Herbolario EL SOL
  • Supermercado GOVINAN
  • Supermercado MAXCOOP
  • Supermercado “F” de Fuentes – COVIRAN de La Parra
  • Supermercado GIGANTE
  • Supermercado Supersol
  • IES Valle del Tiétar
  • Autoservicio Lourdes
  • Frutería Fran



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