International video conference – AJS (Spain) & TYC (Turkey)


Probably the easiest way of putting in contact two countries with over 3500 de km distance in between is by using the internet. On Sunday, 6 PM, AJS (Association Jovenes Solidarios, Espana) spoke to 2 groups from Turkey, one from Instanbul and one from Canakkale, both from the same organization – Troy Youth Club (TYC). Using a special program for internet video conferences, the participants could see and talk to each other!
In the beginning, all the groups presented their organization, then each group presented their colaboration within the YP2OF project (their experience with the activities from the blog), what they made for promoting the social justice (discussions with other people from Turkey upon this large theme -what do they think about it- and establishing contact between the Turkish minorities of their country).
In the last part, Monia proposed an “open-space” where the youngsters could ask any questions they like, so that they could know each other better. The youngsters from Turkey asked for the names and ages of each participant from Spain, and, in reverse, the Spanish youngsters were interested in what the Turkish youngsters were doing in their free time. The “open-space” culminated with an interpretation of a Turkish song by Ade, who is one of the european volunteers that work in AJS. All the youngsters were delighted and sang together… we had even lighters on while singing!!!
Per all, it was the best international youth video conference of YP2OF (and probably on the Earth), because we discovered once again how many things we’ve got in common…

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