Academy of Dreamers ExpressArt 2017


Theme: “Express Art”
Place: Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain.
Dates: 2-10.1.2017

1. Citta di Torino (Eufemia Asociation), Italia
2. Meson des Jeunes Extranullus, Belgica
3. FOMEJE The Mediterranean Forum for Youth, Marruecos
4. AJS, España

International camp coordinated by the AJS and funded by the European Erasmus + program.
The camp is aimed at young people with a low level of English or with learning difficulties, so that they are integrated into European projects giving opportunities for all. All this the promotion of communication and social skills, the free expression through art. The project seeks to increase opportunities for young people.

  • “My friends and I were thinking like one, it was great!”
  • “I thought I would be alone but in the end I made many friends!”
  • “In a giant group I felt like we were family!”
  • “You have to make a camp that would last a year so we will not miss each other!”

More photos: link for facebook