Description of the project

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The project “Young entrepreneurs – if not you, than who?” is an outcome of the reflexion on the recent economic situation in Europe made by four organisations:

  • Asociación Jóvnes Solidarios from Spain
  • Patrónus from Slovakia
  • London Borough of Hackney from UK
  • Hacetteppe University and Turkey

Working with young people on daily basis, we can observe how the crisis, and especially the high unemployment rates, affects them. We see that, regardless of the country of origin and the educational background, more and more of them become passive, angry and lose hope, yet none of them thinks about starting their own business.

The public education system doesn´t adapt fast enough to the socio-economic changes in the society and therefor it does not equip young people with tools and attitudes necessary to become an active members of our societies. Young people will rather look for a job, than think about creating one, as they lack self-confidence, personal initiatives and practical knowledge and tools necessary to develop their ideas and consider themselves entrepreneurs.

That’s why with the “Young entrepreneurs. If not you, then who?” project we want to work on the following aims:

  1. Fight the state of passivity and lack of active participation of young people in the stage when they are still students.
  2. Create a range of didactic tools that will help youth workers and teachers to teach young people skills and abilities necessary to create their own business in the future, with the emphasis on social entrepreneurship.
  3. Increase the importance of youth sector as an agent of promoting and teaching youth initiative and entrepreneurship by disseminating the booklet with developed entrepreneurship sessions.
  4. Complement the formal education with non-formal methodology.

The project is addressed to young people between 13 and 30 years of age.

It comprises the following activities:

– 3 work meetings of the staff /partners involved,
– Design of a series of pedagogic sessions about entrepreneurship,
– Implementation of sessions,
– Internal evaluations,
– Creation of a booklet with the teaching methodology, sessions’ plans and didactic tools based on the experience and field investigation,
– Creation of the e-booklet in order to make the result accessible for everybody,
– Creation of a leaflet to make the dissemination of the intellectual output more easy,
– 4 multiplier events (in Spain, Slovakia, Turkey and UK).

Project impact:

The project will influence three main groups of people engaged in its implementation:

  1. The involved organizations,
  2. The young participants of the sessions ,
  3. The youth workers, trainers and teachers interested in the implementing of the sessions.

The staff of all our organizations will gain new knowledge and experience in the field of youth work. Thanks to the new tool that we will have developed, the organizations will be able to widen their offer of activities for young people and to increase quality of teaching entrepreneurship and initiative.

The young people, who will participate in the sessions, will learn concrete entrepreneurship skills and abilities, as well as other know-how that will increase their employability (social skills, functional skills, communication skills, etc.) We expect to broaden their horizons and help them to become more active and to discover their capacity to become an entrepreneur.

As for the youth work sector and the schools ‘staff, they will receive help in their professional work related to youth initiatives, active citizenship and entrepreneurship.

Through the created booklet with the didactic tools we hope to contribute to the field of entrepreneurial education. In the current critical times, with a huge unemployment rates, we believe in the significance of teaching our youth entrepreneurial skills and in the implementation of similar projects that can be copied and multiplied all over Europe and beyond.

The project is financed by the European Commission, in the framework of the ERASMUS+ Program, Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships in the field of youth.

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