First work meeting

Date: 22-25.10.2015
Place: Arenas de San Pedro, Spain

First work meeting of the partner organisations took place in Arenas de San Pedro (Spain) and its objective was to concretise the idea of the methodology and to agree on the topics of the educational sessions that it will consist of.

Each of the partner organisations has a very different background and the youth we work with has different needs, so it was difficult to find a consensus, but we managed to do it, and we hope that thanks to that fact, our methodology will be suitable for different beneficiary groups in many countries.

We agreed that our methodology of teaching entrepreneurship has be based on the Economy for the Common Good, because we believe that we should not only teach the entrepreneurial skills but also transmit social values, and the Economy for the Common Good is the most complete model of socially oriented entrepreneurship we know.

Our entrepreneurship course will consist of 8 modules. Each of them  will consist of two sessions, one on a basic level and the other on advanced level. To complete the course the participants will have to learn the skills and knowledge from all the modules on the chosen level.

To test the methodology each partner organisation will implement the whole course in two groups: one on the basic level and the other on advanced level. After that, we will meet again to evaluate our work and make all necessary improvements.