Date: 28th September – 4th October 2015.
Venue: Arenas de San Pedro, Spain.
Participants: 26 youth workers

Activities: workshops about several aspects of the Economy of Common Good and Sustainability, visibility activities, conference with Cristian Felber or with a member of the ATTAC movement, debates, reflexion groups, rol plays, master classes.
Methodology: Non formal learning as an organized activity, sistematic, with educative purpose, done out side the formal educational frame with the aim of facilitating learning process of particular groups of adults, young people and children.
With this project we expect to achieve a major knowledge of youth and young adults about the Economy of Common Good, a greater consiousness of the need of chnage of the actual economic system and application of ECG within the administration and management of the organizations involved. For long term we would like to see a political willingness of our local gevermentes to employ the ECG within the local administation and on civil lever the creation of new ATTAC Movement groups.


The objectives of this project:
– Improve knowledge of youth workers on the Economics of the Common Good
– Promote the Common Good Economy
– Encourage the participating to reflect on the possibilities of applying the rules proposed by the ECB in the management of our entities
– Help to define the concept of sustainability and provide concrete and practical measures to individual, those referred to in the EBC
– Strengthen further activities of each of the partners
– Promote cooperation between partners

1. VšĮ “Edukacijos Ambasadoriai, Lithuania,
2. Youth Shake, Austria,
3. “Youth, Youth, Youth”, France,
4. London Borough of Hackney, UK
5. Patronus, Slovakia
6. Timzday Association, Morocco
7. Fundacja dla Nauki Srodowiska, Poland
8. Carpe Diem, Croacia
9. Arci Ragazzi Portici, Italy
10. Liceu Balas Soter, Romania
11. Ayuntamiento de Elche, Spain
12. Asociación AJS, Spain.

Time schedule

pdf time schedule


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