Youth Iniciatives


Open Xpression 2.0

Open Xpression is a space for artistic expression, open to everybody who wants to share his/her talents. This project was created by Alisa and Ade, the volunteers of the last year. So we really like this idea and so we went on with it. See photos >> 

Distribution of presents for the children during the Carro Solidario:

International Café


With this event we want to provide to the inhabitants of Arenas the posibility of practising languages. Once a month we meet in the Bar Moon & Rock. There are 3 corners, each offers a different language (English, French, German).  .

Flashmob en Arenas de San Pedro

¿What is a flashmob?
A group of people meet in a public space and make an activity. Normally those activities don’t have any aim, it’s only about to make something visible. But now there are already different kinds of flashmobs some have political or social aims.

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